“To emerge from this [COVID-19] crisis will require an extraordinary effort.”
— President Cyril Ramaphosa

In times of the COVID-19 virus pandemic we, as an accommodation establishment, will follow the health and safety protocols as outlined by the South African tourism industry strictly. We have taken ample action and put measures in place regarding sanitation, housekeeping, and ways of working ensuring the health and safety of our guests, staff and ourselves. We therefore ask you, as our guest, for your cooperation and understanding. Our aim is to make your stay with us as carefree and enjoyable as we possibly can in these pandemic times.

Health & Safety Measures

What can you expect as our guest?

Body temperature check is required for all guests upon check-in using non-contact infrared thermometer. In case of multiple-day stays, daily temperature will be recorded when arriving for breakfast. Guests will also be asked to fill out a COVID-19 guest information form.

Wearing a proper face mask will be required by all guests. Guest are requested to bring and wear their own face mask. Additional face masks can be obtained at the lodge on request.

All guest must sanitize their hands upon check-in and regularly during their stay using the provided hand sanitizers.

All guests are requested to practice social distancing from all individuals at the lodge, except from their own travel partner/group. Social distancing will be arranged during sit-down for breakfast.

Guest room interior and amenities
As the virus can survive on surfaces, the interior of the guest rooms has been stripped down. Throws and magazines were removed and are available on request. The contents of the in-room minibar have been reduced. Additional refreshments, alcoholic drinks and snacks are available on request.

What can you expect from us?

Protocols, education and training

We have a dedicated Health & Safety COVID-19 team whose body temperature and wellbeing will be monitored daily. All of our employees will receive thorough and up to date education and training regarding the virus, sanitising and cleaning measures, kitchen and laundry protocols and social distancing. They will be provided with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) as outlined by the Tourism Business Council of South-Africa (TBCSA), including face masks, aprons, gloves, etc. Uniform and face-mask sanitising procedures will be followed.

Housekeeping and laundry
New room cleaning standards are in place. Disinfected cleaning will be done by employees wearing PPE and using appropriate disinfectant detergent. Efficient bedroom ventilation will be practised before, during and after cleaning. We have implemented step-by-step laundry procedures and processes as per the protocols outlined by the TBCSA. All bedding will be deep cleaned and heat ironed.

Food safety
To ensure food safety, specific sanitising and hygiene practices and protocols are developed for safe kitchen operation, including physical spacing and surface/equipment sanitising. Kitchen equipment and guest crockery and cutlery will be washed separately on deep, high temperature washing cycles.
Breakfast-to-go packs are available on request.

Occupancy and room rent frequency
We have designed a roster that prevents rooms from being occupied daily by subsequent guests. This allows for our team to have sufficient time for thorough deep cleaning as well as a 24-hour room ventilation.


Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns about our Health & Safety COVID-19 protocols.

Travel safe and stay safe. We hope to see you soon!
Swellendam Country Lodge team